What am I even doing here?


This day is one for the books, I am someone who normally checks very carefully to make sure I have everything and even though I knew I used my purse in an unusual way yesterday I thought I put it back where I keep it but I was wrong and I ended up going to an interview half an hour away with no purse nor everything one would want to have in a purse. 


I had planned on returning items to a store 20 minutes farther than that but could not do so without the purse so I came home.  I should also mention that at the interview I got scampered over by a spider…

There I was at an interview for a mental health position, and I felt something on my cheek. It felt like it was moving but I decided to convince myself it was just my hair because freaking out around mental health professionals might be less than ideal.   I felt it a few more times even after I thought I put my hair behind my ear. It wasn't Until I saw the buggery spider crawling across my hand that I realized it had in fact been an actual creepy crawly. When they asked me later how I handle stressful situations, I probably could've won by citing my calm demeanor whilst being traversed by an arachnid.  👹

I thought about going to dinner with some sisters from church but I realized it was in the opposite direction from a dance this evening so it wouldn't be a really realistic to go to both, despite my usual desire to try and fit more into a day than is humanly possible.   So I got some things done around the house and then went to the dance. I also had some gifts to drop off with my friend and after some phone tag, turns out she was not even at home for the evening and part of the gift needed refrigeration. And would not have been good to leave on the porch exposed to elements and critters.

So at least I got to drop that off with her landlady who said if I arrive soon I can drop it off before she goes to bed while I was already sitting outside.

So I show up to the dance even though it's more than half over and I'm hoping they'll give me a discount for that, only to find the parking lot sparsely populated where it's normally packed.
As it turns out even though it's supposed to be the first Friday dance.     For whatever reason they moved it to next week instead. I normally would check on that sort of thing as well.

So here I sit in the parking lot hoping it's not going to charge me for being in here these moments and I think in the end I'm just going to head home for a most uneventful evening where I could've gotten quite a bit of work done in these hours spent traveling.

I was thinking it was one of those waste of a good make up day situations. But then I realize I could just go and do some video blogs when I get home. There's always a positive to be found if you just take a moment to reflect.


Update:  I decided to find some interesting unique place to eat.  And am now about to try my first Afghan restaurant. :).   


Yay They Took That Parking Spot!

How to be happy when someone gets a good parking spot that you had your eye on.  Hint- you may end up with the better parking spot... it just hasn't opened up yet to show itself to you!  Be patient, you may end up with more than you bargained for! 

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Write a Meaningful Thank You Note About Someone's Impact In Your Life

Write a Meaningful Thank  You Note About Someone's Impact In Your Life

Hey Friends, would you like to feel all warm and fuzzy, while helping someone else feel the same way? All while cozy in your pajamas on your couch?


What Why and HOW to write a thank you note for someone who has really meant something to you, even if just for a moment in time. 



I just want to invite you to think of someone you may not have seen in a while, who spent time with you or even just had a conversation that positively impacted your life.

Then write to them and let them know how much their actions meant to you.

Here's a guide to get started :) I even challenge you to think of one person per month... maybe put their name on the fridge and write a couple memories you have of them so when you go to sit down and write, you'll have ideas collected over time.

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100 Ways To Love Your Mother!

Hey would you just love to bump up the amount of awesome love you plan to give your mother on Mother's Day this year?    Fill out this LOVE worksheet and then you can have 100 bits of love to give her!


Love to the Mommies!  Those who have been mother to children, or mother to knowledge, or mother to experiences, or mother to growth or mother to LOVE!

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Things are Not always as they seem


I had seen this picture along time ago and was seriously searching for it again recently as something has come up I believe in regard to dance about how things are so often not as they seem. I think there is more awareness these days that being thin does not mean being fit and or healthy. And someone being thicker up to an extent can actually be much healthier in multiple ways than the person who may look more like they have the body of an emaciated model. Which of course has been revered in our society for some time.


So take a look: what you would see is three people socializing and being happy together, from the outside the effects of their choices may not yet be strongly apparent. But on the inside the smoker has black lungs already, the drinker has issues with her liver, they've got less vitality on the inside. And then the woman eating the vegetables has more color and greater activity in her body. But yet you can't really see the differences on the outside until it's too late. It's gravely important to be making the best choices for your health well you can still do something about it to allow yourself to have a long and physically happy life. 


I think we still have more room to grow in the arena of realizing that just because someone remains thin does not mean their insides are healthy at all. I have so many times witnessed people who just happen to have a fast metabolism eating piles on their plates which have minimally more nutrition than cardboard and cotton candy. It certainly will catch up with them someday but in the meantime they just figure, well if I'm not putting on weight it must be fine. But there is no nourishment, they're not getting the vitamins their body needs, all they are really doing is filling their stomach.

 No I entirely realize that with the way that we have been treating our bodies we often feel the need to have that full feeling because we have the hangry hunger without it.  

I've also come to learn that type of hunger is more likely a sign of blood sugar and balance and is not at all the body signaling that you should be eating more. If anything it is signaling that you should be eating more nutritiously, not that you need more quantity. But those messages get crossed when people don't know what their body is telling them.



If you consume them properly for the purpose of health, the appetite is not something that is constantly nagging at you and can be put back into balance. If you are nourishing your body, the body does not scream at you saying fill me up just so I can be comfortable and or sleepy so that I will take a nap. It can have so much more energy than people realize.

I remember the highschooler that was thin and looked fairly average but she was tired all the time and would have a pop tart perhaps for breakfast and maybe as a snack in the afternoon and either not eat during the day or have very unhealthy choices. And then not have energy to get through sports practice, and then was unable to be on the team after she decided to just not do her homework.  


Kids at the age just do not realize that their bodies are such a gift. If they happen to have aesthetic beauty, it is Lucky but eating whatever one feels like is not a formula for success at keeping that beauty and maintaining health. It will catch up with anyone who decides to eat a common American diet. It may catch up with different people at different times but it will catch up and it can lead to early death, lack of energy, decline in the quality of life and so many possible outcomes.  


It may not seem appealing or easy in the beginning but I can assure you if you set your goals on health and educate yourself on what that means, Your life will be so much more rich and fulfilled. 


I hope to tell you all about diverticulitis sometime as there are so many people who've never heard of it unless they've experienced it… But it is not something you want to experience so it would be wise to do everything possible to prevent it now rather than when it's too late…