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Cuddle Party

Clothing Minimum

T shirt with sleeves close to the elbow or longer and that does not expose midsection when arms are raised. Preferable to be tucked in to avoid exposure. Typical t-shirt neckline, close to clavicle.

Long pants to the ankle, with under layer: for example brief or biking shorts, compression shorts underneath

Socks that cover up to the ankle or above

Probably provide photo examples

You are welcome to cover MORE if you choose, adding layers like sweatshirt or socks to the knee, even gloves or a scarf if it makes you comfortable, but the above is the required minimum for participation in Cuddle Party or as a Cuddlist Client.


Essential oils used on site, diffused into the air and available for use on oneself and each other with consent. Along with muscle soothing blends for sore muscles.

Boundaries if I were to have Cuddle clients, possibly Word of Mouth only, or referral…. stories, blog…. or video stories, conversations, playlist… other Cuddlists?

Therapist brochure.

offerings to therapists, massage therapists.