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Timing Options

Best days for Larysa's Schedule for this fall semester are Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-4pm

Workshop Offerings

Laughter Yoga-  Enjoy a release of endorphins, a boosted immune system, and lowered blood pressure, while laughing together and creating joy!


Resolution Revolution-  Get ready to set goals for the new year that you will accomplish!  


Reduce Anxiety in Public Speaking-  Larysa is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, and Certified World Class Speaking Coach Trained under World Champions of Public Speaking- Craig Valentine and Darren LaCroix.  Do you ever have to give a speech?  Awards ceremony,  church,  wedding? Do you want to feel more at ease and be able to enjoy that experience?  Then let's work together to make that happen!




Public Speaking Topics Covered

Breathing- Easy to neglect, crucial for presentation. Proper air support is needed for speech.  But are you aware of how effectively deep breathing can calm the nerves that for many, crop up when getting ready to speak publicly?  

Vocal Presence- Using the voice effectively, modulating according to content, strengthening vocalic weaknesses and exuding confidence on the platform

Body- Bringing awareness to the body from posture, to gestures, carriage and comportment.

Audience Connection

Positive Visualization- We may be familiar with athletes who have used this technique 

Humor- How to prepare to gather and insert humor into your speech to enliven and bring laughter to your audience.