Trade Possibilities

I am in fact known for my willingness to trade at times and do time exchange.

 Jan 2019 I am currently well stocked with Essential Oils of the highest purity and quality I’ve ever dealt with and would be happy to trade with those who would feel mutual benefit from an exchange.

What might you trade with me?

Laughter Yoga Workshops- gain health benefits and enjoyment for all participants!


Speaker Coaching- I am a professional member  of the National Speakers Association and a Certified World Class Speaking Coach having studied under multiple World Champions of Public Speaking.  My approach tends to be different than what others bring- I help people relax and prepare and have FUN with things that might otherwise make them nervous!

Public Speaking Workshop Testimonial


  Certified Aromatouch Technique Practitioner! 

Aromatouch Testimonials  



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Handmade All Natural Lip Balms, possibly even specially labelled with your venue

Essential Oil blends, to help boost happiness, concentration etc.

Recently there has been more interest in my essential oil blends so let's elaborate:   I make blends for my own use and gifts and trading.  I make them on demand.   I use an ADHD blend to help me focus and before I give speeches and workshops.  I find packing for trips needs extra concentration and I find it so very helpful for those times.

I also make an "appetite" blend that again I would do well to utilize more often.  Sometimes I know I'm not really that hungry I just desire to eat, and that's when this one helps most usually.  If I truly need to eat then I need to eat, but for those other times, this can help "tame the beast"  of unnecessary hunger.  I especially like to use it along with brushing my teeth to clear out stale mouth taste.  And get this- I had a friend who ordinarily eats healthy but was very hungry at night and ordered McDonalds.  I said I'll give you a scalp massage while you eat. I used this oil liberally while scalp massaging.  I believe he ordered 2 burgers, and he could barely finish one and said he didn't know why he just wasn't really hungry anymore.  I had NOT told him the purpose of that oil- so blind experiment there!  Never expected it to be THAT powerful! WOW!  

There are blends I use that are uplifting and bright and cheery- very citrus with lavender.  I tend to get many compliments on this scent and will have people hug me extra to sniff longer.   These are often my standard go to scents and people do tend to tell me I am one of the happiest most cheery people they know :)

I dance swing, ballroom, Latin, blues and don't always love asking people to dance.  Sometimes I feel more reserved and it takes a LOT of chutzpah to go over and ask when I am in a less assertive mood.  I'll find myself sitting out more dances so I'll use one of the blends I call "confidence" and I tell you I find myself asking people 75% more and then I get more dancing in and I'm a happy camper!  I also like the scent of that more...

There's one  that's great for relaxing and getting ready for bed, it has all the calming and "happifying" oils that I have.  I usually call it "shower" because I think taking a shower is one of the best ways to get ready for bed and calm down and ease into sleep, and this blend supports it and also has a lovely scent.

There is in fact a blend recommended for hemorrhoids.  Often it's mixed with witch hazel and put in a spray bottle and many find it is particularly soothing for pain and itch.  Some even report "shrinkage" (the good kind haha.)  

Tea Tree and Lavender are the two most commonly cited for Acne, so I put those together and apply, and some people have even indicated the use for yeast infections...and reported it being surprisingly soothing.   


I make what I call "Footsie Tootsie Balm" which cools, soothes, and tingles tired feet.  When you apply and then put socks on before bed it also moisturizes.  I recommend after bathing.  

I also have made moisture balm sticks which include essential oils that many recommend for eczema and psoriasis.  It's worked for myself, my mother, and a few people who have tried it.  Can help soothe and moisturize and I make with natural ingredients, most of which are edible oils that are used for cooking.  

These same types of balms work great for hands in the winter.  I wash my hands regularly and they used to crack so much they would bleed.  After using this regularly, that was under control and I just didn't seem to need to use it as much, unless I felt like it or wanted to.  


Herbal Tea!  I am somewhat of a connoisseur of herbal tea and have quite a bit of loose leaf tea I could share and that way you could try a new blend, see how you like the fruity and herbal chai type flavors without the commitment of a huge supply from a fancy herbal store.  


Clay Face Masks- I make my own clay blends that can be mixed with apple cider vinegar, water etc and help yank out the gunk from pores.  Works pretty well for me and I've gotten great feedback on them, even have some testimonials on youtube and instagram!   



What might I like to trade for?

  • There are things around the house that could get done and I'd readily consider trading: landscaping, etc.... let's say a ceiling painter said "hey I really want to take a walk down memory lane with my wife, could you help us feel like when we were newly in love? I'll paint your ceilings." And I'd likely go for that...

  • Certainly car services would be a viable trade: oil changes, car wash, car detailing etc.


  • One of my top preferences for trading services is massage. I need it and am happy to trade for it. Thankfully some massage therapists really love and enjoy body art and the search for happiness and gratitude.

  • I enjoy pedicures from time to time and have traded for that, a friend of mine happens to work at a salon and enjoys getting mehndi/henna from me.

  • Certain restaurants would work as a gift certificate- especially if they work with a vegan or paleo diet, healthy vegetables and whole foods! Organic juice bars! Mmm!

  • I do enjoy dancing, and learning how to if there were ballroom teachers wanting to trade, let's say they wanted a set of lip balms with their company information to give out at Expos, or to their customers, or when they are vending, I would be very interested in trading them for dance lessons.

  • At times, certain businesses might have an opportunity to trade advertising. A theater might trade an ad in a program for my services. A school might trade services for their end of year lock in for getting 2000 kids to subscribe to the social media pages.

  • A movie theater might like to have body art for their employees in exchange for movie tickets

  • With a degree in theater I certainly enjoy performances. Some theaters might want a workshop for their staff, or laughter yoga to "warm up the audience" or face and body art to entertain the crowd before the show or to advertise their theater at a festival.

  • I'd be open to trades for KOA Camping- where they have the cabins with showers and kitchen...that I could use around the country and continent...I've recently come to realize that some activities I desire to go to occur near KOA sites.


  • If someone who knows more about SEO and whatnot were to desire a trade and could show benefits of using that service, I would consider that.

  • Let's say I want a new business card created. I usually do it myself but sometimes it's nice to have another set of professional eyes give input. I'd certainly consider that in trade.


  • There are certain things I just don't need. I don't really go camping, so a tent might not be of use, however sometimes I do need a sleeping bag and certainly an air mattress, so that I would consider from a camping store.


I'd certainly be open to discussing ideas for options to exchange with each other if it would make sense to do so.