Met a Character Practically Right Out of A TV Show!!!!

Tonight I met a very cool nurse.  She was actually just filling in for a moment, “helping a friend” so it was like providence that I even got to meet her!   She was a delightfully pleasant lady and when we were talking about PICC lines and keeping them in long enough she mentioned her 6 week stay in the ICU!  For the FLU! If you can believe it! She had H1N1 and a bad case of it and it caused her to lose her leg all the way up above the knee!  I was privileged enough to have her show me and she had the coolest decorative cover on it- I’m not sure what it was made of but it reminded me of wooden cut outs.  It also has a microprocessor chip- she said “you know Nintendo Wii?  I have that in my leg!!!”  It’s amazing the technology we have these days.  And to think that she is on her feet all the hours that a nurse has to be, and she even said being on her feet is better for her.  I exclaimed how much this is JUST like that oh so famous hospital show and she even has some visual features of the same character that experienced the loss of a leg as well!!! She even said that shortly after she lost her own leg, that very episode came out and she said “someone is writing my life!!!”   I am in awe of her cheery positivity and I also asked if she’s had the opportunity to inspire patients in any similar situations.  She dealt with a mother of a young boy who had just lost his leg and the mother thought his whole life was over and she was able to reassure her otherwise. 

Sometimes angels have bionic parts and magic microprocessor legs!