First Ballroom Competition Afterthoughts 1 Leading Collisions Decisions

Matters to be aware of as a new ballroom dancer at competition:

Finding a partner especially if you are going TBA:  thankfully we had someone organizing just that, helping find partners, and pair people up and make sure they got to dance.  This can mean running around trying to text people who may not be the partner, but could be the team coordinator etc, and often they won't be looking at their phone and or get back to you until later...  and trying to see who still needs a partner etc.  And apparently it's not always the case that you have someone dedicated to doing this on the team.  


How to get on the floor gracefully

How to prepare to dance, invite your partner in: turns out the leader just stands there and takes frame, the lady walks into him, he stays put

Committing to a move, once you begin it, finish it!  Decide the move BEFORE beginning it, not in the middle.



Making sure the judges see your number, so don't only face one way

Avoiding collisions with other dancers

If you do collide, doing so gracefully and with minimal injury

Traveling dance; make sure you don't dance off the floor or into walls or poles or the stage or podium, ie turn at the right time.  


Bowing and getting off the floor:  leader spins partner out to the left and you both bow.  Girl can just put head down, or curtsy, or both, and small or larger curtsy.  Boys: head down, NO curtsy....  

Then leader has to offer his arm to walk the girl off the floor, in this case, a different exit than the entrance was.


Callbacks:  be over by the screen to see if your number is called to dance in the next round.   

Where are you supposed to be and when: keeping track is quite and endeavor on its own.  There could be a coach dedicated to that alone!

Thankfully you have the Deck Captain counting you when you are lining up and whatnot and getting you ready to get on the floor.  Ours were really nice and friendly and helped to stay calm while we were preparing.  

This is probably my favorite couple of our team, they are amazing, and I'd be thrilled to be half as good as them within a couple years.... they are also SO nice, and HELPFUL and down to Earth and willing to support and comfort and help you feel secure both emotionally in your dancing and in preparation, like helping to know which eyelashes to get....