Yay They Took That Parking Spot!


It can happen instantly.  The whole idea of attracting into our lives what we want.  That whole "be positive as much as possible" concept.  The one that can be difficult to practice.  The one where we CHOOSE how we respond to things.   The one that sometimes may feel like it's going against our nature.  Or at least our Earthly training....


I just want to share with you what happened in the store parking lot.   I pulled into a spot slightly closer than halfway between closest and a far spot.  My original intention was to pull through so I could just pull forward when leaving, but then I saw closer spots going in the regular way in the next row.  So I started to head over there very carefully and slowly because there were other cars around so I didn't want to become ensnared with them since I was crossing an aisle.  As I start to pull out, aiming for a spot I see, there's no blinker you can turn on to indicate over there, you want to go diagonally.  So I see someone coming down the row, and I have a suspicion they are going to take that spot I have my eye on.  That's ok, I don't own it, and since I'm in a non traditional position, it's not like I could even signal with my blinker that I was going to park there.  


It was a pretty great spot.  It might be easy to groan and grumble because your mind had already committed to being there.  Instead I decided to congratulate the person on getting such a desirable spot.  And I said to myself "good for them, I hope they enjoy it!"   Literally as these thoughts were forming in my head, someone pulled out of a spot on the other side.  Funny thing is... IT WAS EVEN CLOSER!!!    Now I know there are some people who practice the law of attraction that talk about getting parking spots by being positive and sort of "willing it" ahead of time before they arrive.  I didn't even have the intentions of that... They will report spots being open right when they get there, or people pulling out JUST at the right time.  I've certainly had that happen when I've set that intention ahead of time.  But this was the first time in a long time that it happened without PRE planning!  I just decided to be happy for the other guy, and join in their joy over getting a great spot, and then I got an even BETTER SPOT!!  INSTANTLY!!!  That doesn't really make sense in our logical world!  Hey God, did I thank you yet for that one?  Just in case, thanks again!  I always appreciate when you pretty much pat me on the back like that.  


With me it's usually about the meaning.  Not the content.  And here, it was SUCH a beautiful day, I wouldn't have minded being a bit farther.  I mean we have it pretty good, don't we?  We have CARS to bring us to the store, CARTS with wheels that help us schlep our things in and out of the store.  I can't help but think of the educational game that was made to teach kids about Darfur...and how they not only have to walk far for WATER and CARRY it back...but they also have to avoid, oh, you know, being killed on the way there and back!     We might step in gum on the way in....and some of us would act like it was some great tragedy.

Now grammarian note: all this time I thought travesty was quite a bit like tragedy, almost able to be used interchangeably.  I almost used it at the end of that sentence there.  But amusingly, given its real meaning, as evidenced by the thesaurus: exaggeration, farce, cartoon, caricature,  distortion, lampoon, mockery, sham, spoof, I rather think it actually works for that example anyhow.  


  1. The most positive you are, the more you are HAPPY for someone else's good fortune, cheer them on and uplift them, it may mean GREATER blessings for you!
  2. We really have life pretty easy and would do well to remember that.  I often think JUST how Blessed we are to have clean, drinkable WATER, and all we have to do is TURN A FAUCET!   Can you think of all the times someone moaned about having to get out of bed to actually go and get water!?  
  3. When you actively CHOOSE to respond in a positive and loving way, it makes YOUR life better, it makes the lives of those AROUND you even better, and it truly makes the world a better place for everyone.     So how can you change your thinking to be more positive?