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Love and Laughter



My goal is to make the world a happier, more loving place.

I believe I was put on this Earth to help people laugh, and to help them think.   In many cases this means more than just pondering profusely.  It may mean changing the WAY you think to a way that better serves you.  

I believe experiences are more valuable than things.  I believe that knowledge is what we get to take with us when we die, and love is what endures within those we have invested in.  Science even supports that memories are stored in our bodies, down to our cells.  Why not have the bulk of our memories containing love and the knowledge that we made a difference in the world by helping others. 


Education is #1.   Always has been.  Always will be.  It was even spray painted across the hood of an old truck of my father’s when I was young.  We didn’t have camera phones back then or I’d show you a photo.  Being a high achiever was also a value my family held.  You work hard at school, and you keep working until you get it.  I LOVE learning, and believe it’s the most thorough way of progressing in our time on Earth.  Then use that knowledge to help people.  I have enjoyed studying many subjects in my life, earning undergraduate degrees in Theater and Vocal Performance, with minors in Psychology, Religious Studies, and Dance.  Followed by Masters in Holistic Counseling, Holistic Leadership, CAGS in Expressive Arts and Mental Health.    


My approach is prevention.  Have your safety net well in place and cemented before there is ever a crisis.  Constantly be working on building yourself stronger so that if there is an emotional injury, you can recover faster and heal more effectively.    A woman who has a strong core not only gives birth more easily, but recovers after more quickly as well.  A man who is a body builder has a better time in physical therapy if he has to recover from an injury.   Build your emotional reserves so strong that nothing can knock you down!   


What I want to promote most in this world is Happiness through
Gratitude, Laughter, Love, Purity, and Inner Peace that then ripples out into Outer Peace.    


Larysa is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and Certified World Class Speaking Coach having studied under World Champions of Public Speaking; Craig Valentine, Darren Lacroix, Lance Miller,  and the Guru of Guerrilla Marketing, Mitch Meyerson.  Happy Speaking!

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Larysa received her diploma from the Dr. Joshua Axe Institute of Nutritional Leadership to assist others as a health, nutrition, and wellness coach.