Support a Workshop

How would you like to gain guidance in setting goals that will help stretch you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve more than you ever thought possible?


Some workshop ideas to ponder






  • Laughter Yoga--Breathe more and Laugh for no reason!

  • Loving While Yet Lacking- With the Self-Esteem Architect

  • Clarify Qualities You Seek In A Mate

  • Love More, Love Better--Increase Your Love-Fitness

  • Become a Gratitude Gardener-Grow a Variety of Gratitude: Self, Family, Life, School, Work, etc.

  • Fix Your Thinking--Shift Perspectives-- Choose to see the world in a brighter light

  • Multiply Your Optimism

  • Overcoming Shyness- Let the Shyness Sherpa be your guide

  • Relationship Reboot-Let that Love increase from a trickling stream to Niagara Falls!

  • Family Dinner Facilitated--Reconnect and remember the joy in the company of your housemates who may share your DNA, or the duvet.

  • Consent: Why you need it, How to get it--How to ask for what you want, and why it makes life better when you have an answer.

  • Virtue-Chastity: A Champion Choice

  • Boundaries Abounding:  Discuss and Learn to set and enforce healthy boundaries for a more balanced life.  Learn also how to respect the boundaries of others, and learn what their boundaries are even when they don't express the information first.    

  • Forgiveness:  How, why, and what for.  If you would like to improve your ability and strength to forgive and understand the benefits more thoroughly, this may be the workshop for you.  

  • Goal Setting:  What do you actually want out of life, when do you plan to do it, and how are you going to get there?

  • Speak!  Are you a CEO wanting to improve executive presence while giving presentations and stop saying "um" 5 times a minute?  Are you a graduate student with such exciting information to share, but such fear preventing you from helping the audience share your enthusiasm?  Do you have a strong accent that causes you concern about speaking up in your career? I'm here to help!   

  • 100 Ways To Love Your Mother:  This was created for Mother's Day, and you can start the work on your own right here!  Just Click this line