Your Glamourology is non-toxic and safe for the skin.  It should last 3-7 days, depending on your skin type and maintenance.  It is waterproof but becomes weak when subjected to prolonged time in water (swimming or taking a bath) so after such activities pat dry the area, don't scrub or scratch with towel (friction shortens the lifespan of your Glamourology.)  Avoid alcohol based oil or lotion near it.  If you wish to remove, let alcohol or lotion soak in 5-10 minutes before you scrub and remove.  
***Note my careful care-taking customers report Glamourology lasting an average of 2 weeks to a month with some cases lasting 2 months for large designs.  It wears off from the outside edges in, so large solid designs usually last longer than fine delicate lines.

After Henna Paste is applied, leave it on the skin for as long as possible, at  least 2 hours for a light stain.  Ideal is closer to 8 hours.  (Overnight works very well)

When it's time to take it off, scrape it off, do not wash it off.

Avoid wetting the area for as long as possible after paste removal, and avoid chlorine.

The stain will be orange at first, and it will darken over the next couple of days, reaching its peak color somewhere between 48-72 hours after the paste is removed.

The stain will fade over the next 1-3 weeks depending on how rapid your skin cell turnover is.

To prolong your henna tattoo, avoid chlorine and keep the area moisturized with shea butter and do not exfoliate your skin.  

If you would like a darker stain, you can leave it on overnight, and as long as possible, and you will need to keep the henna paste moist and warm as long as you can.

If you wish to leave your henna on overnight, you will want to wrap it with toilet paper (to absorb sweat--otherwise it will run)  and then cover that with plastic wrap, using tape where needed.  The plastic wrap keeps the henna warm.  

If you leave the henna bare, and sleep on it--for example resting your face on it, the design may likely transfer, so be sure to cover it while sleeping.  



The face and body paint I use is professional, water-based makeup that is FDA-compliant for use on the skin.  They are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties.  They remove easily with baby wipes, or a warm, wet washcloth lathered with tear-free shampoo.  For older kids and adults, any facial cleanser and a washcloth will work.  Cold cream or lotion will aid in removal from certain skin types.