Who do I specialize in working with:


I've always had a special place in my heart for doctors.  My grandfather was a doctor, and as a POW in Japan, his medical skills made his captors keep him around so he could help keep them around.  I remember talking with a friend and noticed "all day long you are asking people how they are doing and feeling.  Who is asking YOU how you are doing?"   They thought for a moment, paused, and answered "....No one...."   There exists a misconception that if people are functional, especially high achievers, that they are fine in every aspect of life.  Just as there are some "voluminous" people that are more "fit" than some very thin types, a high functioning person can still benefit greatly from added support and being externally guided to be uplifted internally.


Small Local Businesses

With graduate education in Holistic Leadership, I love working with small businesses to improve their systems and processes.  Laughter Yoga is a great way to boost moral, productivity, energy and even boost the immune system to help fight off illness!  Sometimes communication could use some clarification.  Maybe a leader is operating in one frame as discussed in Bolman and Deal's Reframing Organizations, and many of the workers are operating in another.  Team building can be heightened when everyone feels appreciated and valued.  



Are you a person who desires life progression?  Do you want to be a better person yesterday than you were today? Do you want to have complete body, mind, spirit and emotional fitness?  


Graduate Students

Public Speaking and presentations.  So many graduate students have to present their research.  They have this amazing knowledge to share, but often have significant stage fright.  With all the years I have spent on stage, I love helping our future's brightest brains to give a more effective presentation to their peers, to the PhD defense committee, grant board etc.  Their work is exciting!  So why not appear excited!  I help them with stage presence, deep breathing, positive visualization and more for them to deliver their award winning expertise., 


College Transition

As someone who has spent most of their life in academia, I know what it's like to have the major transition from being at home with parents and around classmates you have known your whole life, to going off to college and being on your own, taking care of your own emotional, physical, social needs and more.  You are still studying and doing homework, but around new people, in a new place, with a new diet and it can cause stress.  I love to help guide those who are making this transition so it can be done more peacefully, with more mental preparation and an overall better feeling.



The Family is the core of what makes America great.  When families increase their love toward each other, the world becomes a better place.  Couples might enjoy taking the time for a Relationship Reboot  to remind themselves why they got married in the first place.  Rediscover all the reasons you fell in love, and add new reasons to the Love Bank.   Perhaps you can't remember the last time the whole family sat down to dinner together.  What would you talk about? A Family Dinner Facilitated could be just the verbal lubricant to get the ball rolling to reconnect and reacquaint yourselves with these people who live in your home.  

At times even adult family members such as siblings may have had a struggle in a connection they once had.  It can be tough to know how to communicate and resolve conflict when there is tension and no one has been taught how to do so in life.  Sometimes I think of it like an "Emotional Oncologist."  The health of the relationship can return, and the emotional "tumor" can be removed.  Love is always possible.  It's a choice.   



Online Profile Review & Overhaul

New program:  Many online personal profiles could greatly benefit from an unbiased outsider's perspective.  Does my profile represent my authentic self?  Am I correctly "branding" myself to appeal to the desired audience?   Does anything stick out as incongruous to the person I am?   Could I make improvements to both my profile, and myself?  For example, it'd be helpful if I seemed more confident, more friendly, more approachable, more fun!   How are my photographs?  What could I improve to make them as appealing as possible?