I’ve always loved leaving love notes for loved ones, and all kinds of people and situations- leaving them for strangers to find and be uplifted. I’ve always believed that the people who needed the message would be able to find them. I put it in God’s hands, figuring it could end up being the answer to their prayers perhaps. It’s so often said how God often answers prayers through other people. I’ve said for most of my life- let’s be each other’s angels! Instead of waiting until after death to be like guardian angels, what if we do it now! People do this in so many ways. It’s lovely to see the Random Acts of Kindness people do in the world.

Spring 2019 I’ve been pondering what #Hashtags to use for this project… some I’ve come up with

#TKRP123 #TKRP860 #860TKRP #860ROCKS #GratitudeRocks #RandomActsOfKindness

Seems people send rocks to Smilow for Cancer patients…. that is something that appeals to me.

#SmilowRocks #SmilowFamily #SmilowCancerHospital

Approaching summer 2019; I think I’ve painted around 100 or so now and have LOVED distributing them. I knew it would be exciting to share them with the world. I knew it would feel fulfilling. In practice it is such an amazing feeling beyond my expectations!

I also loved giving some to friends to distribute at Institute. They live all over the state so it ol


Larysa Donates Glamourology Crowns for those undergoing Chemo treatment, experiencing hair loss. If you know anyone who has lost hair due to chemo treatment, get in touch.

If you would like to make a donation to help support the decoration of chemo patients, please contact Larysa.  


If you or someone you know has hair loss due to chemotherapy for cancer treatment, send them to Larysa to have their crown decorated so they can feel great showing it off and getting great compliments, instead of feeling like they need to cover it up.