Manifest Happy Love

So frequently I see hearts all over the place.  Often in food, or nature.  On one of my birthdays, we got Mexican takeout, and on the bag, there were a bunch of hearts on the bag in the form of moisture stains that soaked through.    Now that is love!


I was preparing a nice ginger lime beverage and decided it was a good thing to take a few moments and actively think positive thoughts.  Thinking of happy and loving things.  Sometimes I do this when I'm feeling in a less than lovely mood, to boost my spirits.  Within moments of directing my thoughts in this manner, I was grating some lime zest, after I'd already peeled it, I took the peel and ran it along the grater.... then I put it down on the cutting board.  

And WHAT did I see?!!?!!    A PERFECT little heart saying hello to me!!!!


If that's not law of attraction and proof positive of positivity mindset.... I don't know what is!!!