Everyday Gratitude

Today I am bursting with gratitude.  When I got up, I felt strangely cold, and no matter how much we put up the heat, my fingers just wouldn’t thaw out (haha, it was actually like yesterday while talking to friends at their car and my fingers got so cold, when I was trying to make a "scissor snipping" motion, I could barely move them.)  And no matter how long the hot water ran while I was cleaning up, it was only lukewarm…  reset the furnace…but it was not looking good.  The light came back on.  So we called the oil company, to find out they close earlier than we thought.  So we call the urgent number to be told “oh I wish you had called me earlier.”  I agree, I wish we knew what was going on earlier.  Although if we called before we tried the troubleshooting we were taught to do… I would think that’d be more of a bother.  Either way, she called our beloved furnace guy after telling us that he is fully booked and worked aaaaaalllll day long the day before.  So hopefully he’d be able to make it at 7 tomorrow morning.  So although I’m quite cold and uncomfortable…

1)      I am so grateful I took a shower last night so I’m nice and clean for the lack of hot water now.

2)      I am so grateful we have warm comfy beds to crawl into if that’s our last resort.

3)      I’m grateful I’ve done enough laundry recently to have all the socks I need.

4)      I’m grateful that I have a microwave to heat up water to make yummy herbal tea

5)      I’m grateful for the stove, and toaster oven to heat up yummy vegetables which are so soothing in this slight tension.

So I’m doing some work in the other room and I hear a far off kind of small boom…. Not very typicalbut I did not investigate.  Then I am told “oh it looks like the furnace guy might be here!”    Whaaaaaattt?    Well turns out that was the case!  And he is one of our very favorite people that annually visits our abode.   It turns out he was only a short way away, and finished early, and wanted to come help us so we could have heat tonight.

6)      I am so grateful that he cared that much to come rescue us.

7)      I’m grateful that somehow he finished the other job early

8)      I’m grateful that he is so nice and says nice things

9)      I’m grateful that he is so friendly and says nice things and wishes us well

10)   I am so grateful that he enjoys the hand moisture bars I make and got a lot of use out of them last year.

11)   I am grateful for the chance to give him more of it because it makes me feel good that I’m giving someone something that they enjoy and benefit from

12)   I am grateful that I had some spares in my supply even though I am running low.  (I better make more soon.)

13)   I am grateful the scent I happened to have, he happened to find quite pleasant, same with the other ones, thus I feel good like I’m giving him something he actually wants.

14)   I am grateful I feel good about the choices I made in making those scents and mixtures.

15)   Now I am soooo very grateful to be warm again and able to have taken a nice relaxing shower.  And very excited for the awesome aerials workshop!

16)   I thought I was done but have to mention I’m so grateful he’s been married I think he said 41 years.  That’s amazing!

17)   I’m grateful to have an example that marriages do last, and what do you know, one of them is a very nice friendly person who is a hard worker.  Reminds me that often it’s not that “oh you married the wrong person”  but you have to BE the right person…I think if you are being the best version of yourself that you can be, then you will match with a person like that, and it won’t make marriage such that it’s no work, but it’ll be much smoother sailing than if you have someone who can’t control their anger, can’t control their lusting after other people, can’t control their worldly appetites etc.  It’s no wonder that so often the people who “make it” to a long marriage are pleasant people, and so often the people that are on their 4-5th + marriage…you kind of think “yeah I’m not surprised…it wouldn’t be easy to be married to them.   It’s a lot of work once you’re married, but I think it’s a lot of work on yourself BEFORE you’re married, making sure you are the absolute best mate and person that a great person would want to be matched with.   Equally yoked people!  I’m always standing for it!

18)   I’m also grateful that when I noticed the oil on his hands, I remembered I have some special skin scrub that would be perfect for getting that off, exfoliating and thus preparing for the moisture…

19)   I’m so grateful to be getting more organized lately such that I did not have to move one darn thing to make easy access to it, and or to make it look presentable to be seen.  That’s a hearty accomplishment.

20)   I’m so grateful for families.  Families that are examples of how to stick together.  Families that love each other.  Families that complement each other where one has weakness, the other has strength, and they don’t judge each other for not being the same.  They just step in and help the other person because it’s easier for the one who has talent in that area.    

21)      Sheesh, again I thought I was done, but I am also grateful that the temperatures when this happened, happened to be more mild.  Even though it happened after hours, and approaching a weekend, it could have been when we were having those -40 degree wind days… so thank goodness it was only uncomfortable, not unbearable.