Swing Glow, Sweet Chariot, Coming For To Carry Me Glowwww

There is a dance coming up that involves glowing... I am SUPER excited!  Glowing has been of my favorite things in life and I always am glad to have more chances for it!

I was happily surprised to find out they did a  "practice run" with the blacklights at our weekly dance.  They were some of the brightest I have seen!  It was fantastic!  The unexpected element was in dealing with the changed vision.  Depth perception was off and I could barely see the face of the person I was dancing with.  One of my favorite people to dance with often makes many funny faces and I've taken to trying to make the same face back, but I couldn't even see if he was doing it!  It should be noted that did not stop me from making the face back anyway because I could pretty much count on that face being made at the time...


I'm just looking forward to this dance like crazy, still have to pick out what face I will wear...and hopefully many people will get decorated!