Packing For Church Campout

Special Considerations for this trip:

There may or may not be electricity in the cabins....So charge up and bring my spare battery. 

We are told we MUST bring a sleeping bag.  So I figure pillow and towel would be a good idea as well.  

Bug spray...

May need to be extra concerned about being warm especially at night...

Probably will need a makeup mirror.  Maybe Baby wipes would be a good idea.  

They tell us flashlight, water bottle, sunscreen, swimming suit...clothes for the service project...

Due to allergies, I'm also going to bring Elderberry syrup...


Before Travelling:    CAR:   Check Oil, Windshield Washer Fluid, Tire Pressure

Travel:   License, AAA Card, Insurance, Credit Card, Cash

EZ Pass. 

Extra important things outside of the typical packing list:

Check Car safety: oil, tires, gas, windshield fluid...

EZ Pass for the tolls, and the little baggie they come in to prevent scanning if you happen to have too many!

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Bug Spray

Poncho and Umbrella (there may be rain!)

Phone Charger, Spare Battery, Cords, Bluetooth and charger,  Phone case etc....

Hiking Shoes, Hiking Bag, Water Bottle

Bathing Suit, Towel

Clothes for Church,  Clothes For Dance, Clothes for being sweaty and walking, and Pageant




Camping Supplies

Tent, Sleeping Bag, 

Towel, Bathing Suit

Whatever else people need to camp?



Ok so now the rest of this list is taken from my Palmyra packing list which was from  Memorial day packing list to get to go see Brad Wilcox!   And that list was taken and modified from the Ballroom Competition list, which was taken and expanded from the regular packing list...

I'm getting QUITE excited about this weekend.  As always I need to make a packing list, and I find lately that sharing these can be very helpful to others.

The original list is modified from my Ballroom Competition packing list  but I decided to leave some things the same even though they may be less needed, like band aids and moleskin, but if you're out doing a service project and the back of your heel starts bleeding, you're going to wish you had it.  

UPDATES:    Travel and warm weather, extra possible needs

Sunglasses, hat, SUNSCREEN!  Band-aids, baby wipes for hands, car, if it's hot....

Earplugs for noisy roommate, nose strip for snoring roommate,



Healthy Snacks:   Especially great for the road

VEGGIES Organic Carrots, celery, hummus, salad, peppers, spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber, snow peas/sugar snap peas,  

FRUIT Bananas, organic regular or baby bananas are my favorite, berries, grapes, orange/clementine, Apples, applesauce cups,  Dried Fruit-mango, pineapple, apple rings, banana chips, raisins, cranberry, apricot, dried COCONUT!

Seeds etc: pumpkin, sunflower, sunflower butter, roasted chickpeas, 

Healthy granola, granola bars, fruit bars

GINGER-good for tummy and yummy!

Dark Chocolate

non allergy cacao energy bites

WATER BOTTLE and put your name on it ! 


Containers and carry:


Small bag WITH NAME ON IT, to keep needed items near you possibly near the dance floor like water/snacks etc

Garment bag, plastic bags, ziplock bags, for misc.....  bags for laundry


Head:   Top Down   

  Hair, brushes, combs, pins, hairspray, anything put in hair like hair ties, clips


MIRROR, Toner/Moisturizer/facial oil, foundation, powder, blush, eyebrows, eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lashes brush, glue, lipstick, brushes, sponges, bronzer, highlighter, concealer, ..... baby wipes, 


Body- Clothing etc for Church

 Dress, pants, church shoes, any special undergarments; "these be my Sunday undies!", shorts,

Deodorant, mouthwash, gum/mints, safety pins, any special tape for shoes or skin protection, band-aids, foot powder or foot pain relieving options, moleskin, shoe inserts,  hand sanitizer/alcohol

Dark socks, belt, shorts, powder, jewelry 

Sewing kit, SAFETY PINS, scissors, extra hairpins, extra undies, bras, something to wear for warmth in between,  

Water Bottle, Snacks    





Ginger to make your stomach calm, no wonder it's a superfood- only thing that takes care of ALL stomach troubles: nervous stomach, illness, morning sickness, motion sickness, ate-the-wrong-food discomfort...

Pain medicine- anti inflammatory, band aids,  Vitamins, especially C being around so many people and being worn out , antibiotic ointment, 

Inhaler, Tums, Saline Solution (eye saline as well as nose saline,)  cough drops, 

Joint braces, ace bandages...anything to fix the feet after they blister or prevent it


LABEL (Put your name on):


Team Jacket, clothing,  garment bag

Water Bottle, snacks, main bag, phone?  

Your Charger(s)


For the Hotel:

Extra Underwear, socks, bras, pajamas: top bottom, slippers, comfortable shoes, bathing suit? 

Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, bath pouf or loofah, lotion, lip balm, skin moisture....

Toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue scraper, floss

Glasses, contact case, contact solution, extra contacts

Deodorant, perfume, essential oils


Tweezers, nail clippers, shaving items, 

Exfoliator, Face masque,  hair thingies, mouthwash/pre-wash, Q-tips, Toner, cotton, 

Bathrobe, coat/fleece/jacket, shoes, slippers, sneakers, sports bras, extra underwear and socks,   air freshener (the more people sharing the space, the more potential odoriferous molecules), notebook, pens, pencils, highlighters, plastic bags (for dirty laundry)  sunglasses, umbrella, workout wear,  hat, heating pad?  manicure scissors?  Nail Polish and remover?    Sneakers/Comfy shoes, church shoes, shower shoes?  

LIQUID HAND SOAP (because bar soap from the hotel is a nice wet home for bacteria to breed, fine for body, not fine for washing hands from bathroom germs)

Feminine products



Charger (put your name on it, maybe backup data, photos etc before trip)

Bluetooth and Charger   ...  Headphones? 

Spare battery pack and charger?

Camera and batteries and tripod?    Computer, charger, case, external memory, 

Power Strip for hotel... or even venue




AAA Card


Credit Card


Oil?  Windshield fluid? Tire pressure?


Have a Positive Attitude

Have Fun

Learn Each Time