Hymns to Sooth The Soul

For anyone else who has found hymns kind of boring in church, I can attest there very likely will come a day when you realize all that was just a rehearsal for when you actually NEED them, when they make a huge difference- when you are going to be beside yourself in gratitude that someone came to sing them with you to someone you love who then is beaming and the room saturated with the spirit.  You may come to find it’s unbelievable how much comfort they can bring and how much they can settle your soul and bring peace.


That was the short version.  The longer version I may have to keep adding to, but I often have found the hymns less than titillating. Even as a singer I’ve found myself not even desiring to sing them often throughout church.  I’m amused when, during General Conference, people refer to them as ‘the commercial break” although of course that would be the best time to go to the bathroom or refill snacks.  Most people would agree however, that they do bring a special spirit.  I’ve known many people who will sing hymns either out loud or in their head when they are in the midst of attempting to resist temptation.  So many people I know just have such a love for them and I wondered if I was missing that gene or something.   After the recent experiences and actually FEELING the spirit like so many before me had expressed they’d experienced- I now am a much bigger fan.  Perhaps I’ll write more about the experiences but for now- it’s time to hit the sack- which in this case, staying overnight again at the hospital means a spring loaded chair that folds you up like origami if you dare to breathe too much in the night- or heaven forbid you should take the liberty of trying to turn!   Until next time- Be Happy!  

Spending a Little Time To Save Even More

Spending a Little Time To Save Even More

Goal:   “Meal Prep” smoothie jars with everything I put in, or at least most, so I can freeze, then dump in the Vitamix with water, juice, herbal tea etc and save a bunch of time in the comatose morning.  


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