What Am I Even Doing Here Continued.... The Afghan Food, Healthy and Yummy

I sure am glad I decided to go to this restaurant when I found out the dance was moved that I'd usually be  attending.  I'm grateful I had the opportunity to switch gears and find something else to do instead.  I'm grateful for various technology which help us locate what would even be open at that time, and then what other people have to say about it.  


Well then!  That was delicious!  I did not know that such food could be made in such interesting and delicious ways, and with so much flavor without even being particularly hot...

When you read the back of the menu it talks about how healthy options are, how they flavor the dishes, and what sticklers they are for rice apparently.  It has to be just right.  I can't wait for the next chance to go back.

There was spinach which I tried first, it was so flavorful. They mentioned that they use a lot of fresh garlic, which if course is very healthy.  The funny thing was, when I first tried it, it was the most delicious thing.  When I tried it again after sampling other items- it tasted different and less appealing. I'm guessing something weird occurs with taste-buds after they all have been activated etc.  

Next I tried the pumpkin.  It's kind of sweet and has interesting spices.  It was great.  I'd get both again.  

I ordered the chicken kebob meal with the special pawali(?) rice.  Soooo yummy.  I did ask for no almonds and they apparently forgot that aspect.  

I got the mushrooms for the accompanying vegetable and they were soooo good! I cannot recall the last time I enjoyed mushrooms that much at a restaurant.


I would highly recommend trying Afghan food.  It's health and delicious.

I swear, if we could just sit the world down and share our special meals- how could there not be world peace?!