Let Your Light Shine- Be The Bat Signal

“Live in such a way that those who know you, but don’t know God, will come to know God because they know you.”

 It took me almost 10 tries but I finally found at least close to the quote I was looking for when I began having the thought for this post.  Originally I thought it was just going to be a short status update...turns out there were more words in there than I thought! 


There are so many people in the world that think they don’t like God, because they don’t know Him.  Kind of like someone who thinks they don’t like broccoli, either because they’ve never tried it, or never had it properly prepared with the right spices.  You don’t know what you don’t know.


The people I most respect, admire, and desire to emulate from church are people who attend the temple regularly, read their scriptures, make it to church earlier than I do (haha) probably were missionaries or are planning to be, and generally Love God and love following the guidelines He has set forth to help us on our path to happiness and peace. 


All those people I admire, are generally very well liked by those who encounter them *even outside of the church* and why might that be?  There are all sorts of people outside of the church, many who think they don’t like God.  Why would they like someone who is SUCH a close follower of God and who lives their whole life centered on God? 


Generally, a militant vegan would have a hard time getting along with someone who is a carnivorous hunter and who enters meat eating contests just for fun.


So how can someone unacquainted with God, be so attracted to someone whose life is centered on God?  I believe it is the light.  They may not realize what they are seeing, but they are seeing the light of Christ in that person and it is like a homing beacon.  We did come from that light after all, so it would make sense that it’d be like a bat signal for our fellow humans. 


Given that we are often encouraged to be missionaries unto the world, it’s of great comfort to know this doesn’t have to mean we go around holding a giant sign saying “Ask me about Jesus”. Or having to give a speech about the Bible to every person we make eye contact with.  I think that if we are living our life in accordance with what we profess to believe, our magnetic resonance and light output will be increased to such a degree that those who want to know God will be so attracted to that light that they will come and want to know “why are you so happy, why are you so full of joy?”  Then all we have to do is tell them.  Because they were drawn to the light, even if they don’t quite know why.