Grated Cheese, Grated Health

Such an interesting conversation was had this evening.

In an attempt to explain (again)  the inflammatory properties of conventional cheese, and the concept that cow's milk makes baby cows big and fat, as it is the purpose, I was answered with "well I just can't help it! I like it!"     As if I can't relate to this feeling!   To me cheese was the savory chocolate!   To this day I figure it must only be by the grace of God I am able to resist it at all!  Melted cheese especially!  I could not believe when I resisted brie with pears a few months ago! Brie was pretty much my faaaaaavorite!    And for a while I guess I didn't truly believe it does as much damage as is reality.  I wanted to convince myself it wasn't possible, because it was just so delicious, how could I EVER live without it!!!   I had to come to really understand just how detrimental it is to health and see it as harmful as it is before my resistance grew.

I'm noticing more and more how seemingly impossible it is for people to give up their food habits.  The same people who would never consider poisoning themselves with smoking of any kind or drugs.  The same people who monitor their blood pressure, sodium intake, and even play racquetball every day, they just can't seem to break their attachment to certain things they are using to having pass by their taste buds.  It can be so hard, I know!    One of the biggest ways I've gotten ahold of control is to FINALLY see that one meal of that which others call "food"  can take 2 weeks to get out of my system! 

I remember when I did not equate joint pain with what I'd eaten.   It's one thing if someone gets a headache 10 minutes after eating puffy cheese snacks, no surprise there, with the neurot-oxic dyes ...  But would most people think that their swollen stiff knee was from a snack 2 days ago?!!?   I doubt it!  We are so uninformed about how to care for our bodies!   We've connected wirelessly while disconnecting emotionally and relationally, and we've been so disconnected from body-knowledge many of us didn't "lose it" like we are losing personal connection with technology, but we weren't even brought up to really understand how our bodies work.  

It is so painful to watch someone slowly poison themselves.  It's not only painful if and when you care about them, but when you KNOW they contribute SO much to the world, and they are shaving off time from their life.  They are inflaming their brain to be less able to work optimally.  When their brain is the core of what makes them helpful to the world.     The really sad part is if they had been taught this when they were young, they'd certainly have stronger resolve.  They knew smoking and drugs were poison and wouldn't go near it!  It's not lack of control or bad choices made with the knowledge to stay away.  It's habits formed perhaps even when food was higher quality, and not knowing the rug was being pulled from underneath with the food system pretty much assisting in population control.


So knowing they did care about their sodium and blood pressure, I looked at the sodium.... not completely outrageous but doing no favors....  then I read the ingredients and asked how they felt about them.   Then I heard "WHAT?!?!!?   That's a component of INSULATION!!!!   UGH  BLECH!!!"    Now let's see if they can remember their disgust for more than a week.