Honk induced mirroring.

There I am, sitting at a stop light with a surprising amount of traffic coming from my left so I would not be safe to turn right on red. And by the way last time I checked, there was no obligation to turn right on red. It seemed like The other side may have gotten their red light, but with the sun in my eyes it was hard to be sure. So I start inching up in preparation for what I assume will be a green-light momentarily, when I hear someone honk. 


It's often hard to tell what direction those are coming from, but I believe it was coming from behind me.  I desire to gaze upon the human source of this temporary blast, and within a moment I noticed that my face has become contorted into a look one makes when the sun is in their eyes, crossed with a look of "Why would you do that? " I realized I was making this face when I happened to see the horn of the driver behind me was being operated by a very handsome young male, who just so happened to be making the exact same face I was.

I subsequently burst out laughing. I generally do not experience road rage, and like to leave ample space between the cars around me for safety. I will not claim that I am immune to perturbation. But generally I do not find flying off the handle to be a natural reaction while in a moving vehicle. 


I have more on this but I think it belongs in a separate post.  So stay tuned.  And stay peaceful!!