Testimony of Tithing

I so love hearing people share their testimony of gospel truths like tithing.   Something can be a nice principle to follow but when you see the actual results it makes it that much more desirable.   



Thank you Tanner Dunn from Texas


 “I had a very cool spiritual experience this week that I feel impressed to share: I was stressing out about finances after I dropped over two grand for tuition. I got paid from work last week and I got a massive impression that I needed to pay tithing which is unusual because I pay it without fail. Well I paid it and a couple of days later I get a big impression to look at the institute classes that the city of Rexburg provides which are free to take instead of paying for two credits to take a religion class at school. When I looked, I saw that two spots opened up in the institute class that I needed to take and that day just so happened to be the day I could drop my religion college class and get a full tuition refund. I have received my refund of $310 and am getting my two credits for free! I know that if you faithfully pay tithing, you will see so many blessing come to pass that you may not be able to receive them all at once! Heavenly Father does look after us without fail and He will bless us as long as we faithfully do our part!”


Have you had similar experiences?   I’d like to hear them!    

Spending a Little Time To Save Even More

Spending a Little Time To Save Even More

Goal:   “Meal Prep” smoothie jars with everything I put in, or at least most, so I can freeze, then dump in the Vitamix with water, juice, herbal tea etc and save a bunch of time in the comatose morning.  


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Write a Meaningful Thank You Note About Someone's Impact In Your Life

Write a Meaningful Thank  You Note About Someone's Impact In Your Life

Hey Friends, would you like to feel all warm and fuzzy, while helping someone else feel the same way? All while cozy in your pajamas on your couch?


What Why and HOW to write a thank you note for someone who has really meant something to you, even if just for a moment in time. 



I just want to invite you to think of someone you may not have seen in a while, who spent time with you or even just had a conversation that positively impacted your life.

Then write to them and let them know how much their actions meant to you.

Here's a guide to get started :) I even challenge you to think of one person per month... maybe put their name on the fridge and write a couple memories you have of them so when you go to sit down and write, you'll have ideas collected over time.

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