TARE it up!

Have you ever heard of the word TARE? Do you know what it means?  Have you experienced cashiers that are not familiar with it?  And don't know how to charge you properly for what you are buying?  If you are paying just a few extra dollars every time you go to the store, this will really add up over time.   


Let's say it's a mere $5 a week extra you are being charged.  That's $260 a year.   If you do the grocery shopping like that for 77 years of your life... do you know how much that will add up to?    How about over $20,000!!!   Do you really want to be giving that money away because you don't know how to properly manage your shopping and finances?   Stay informed and speak up when items are rung up incorrectly.  And speak to the manager if you have to.   It all adds up over time.