Brad Wilcox- Salad For You!

Brother Wilcox, I am so grateful for your stories, how much you make us laugh, and how enthusiastic you are about teaching us.  I want you to be healthy and I've made it my personal mission to help you LOVE salad!  

A Chef in "Food Inc" says something to the effect of "when I hear someone say 'I don't like tomatoes' I think they've never had a REAL tomato- grown until it's ripe and eaten fresh.  They've probably had the ones picked green, shipped thousands of miles across the country while being pumped full of gas to turn red; garbage."    

Similarly, when I hear someone say "I don't like salad,"  I think they've never had a REAL salad.  Maybe they're used to a bag of iceberg lettuce with a couple shavings of dry carrot and red cabbage for some color- with some gloppy soy oil and corn syrup laden goo on top.  In my world, that's NOT salad!   I want to introduce you to some of my FAVORITE salads that induce salivation and are so delicious AND nutritious that your body will LOVE you after you eat it instead of eating junk and your body wailing and gnashing teeth crying out "why have you forsaken me by eating junk fast food!"  

New Salad Idea: November 2016:  Sometimes I get so hungry so fast that I want something RIGHT NOW and even the simplicity of having to wash and cut cucumbers and tomatoes and make some dressing, even though it's so super easy, is enough to make me grab whatever is within reach.    So I've made a solution:   Have this mix ready that I can just grab a handful of organic greens- much like the "Claw" game at the arcade, dump a handful of this mix on- and some kind of dressing- or if need be, it's ok on its own even!

Mix of:  Dried Papaya, Dried Pineapple, Roasted Salted Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas,) Pecans, Roasted Salted Sunflower Seeds,  Dried Cranberries, Pine Nuts.  

It's kind of delicious!  And then you get a whole bunch of greens in and don't even notice because it's like you're eating natural candy!  Or trail mix almost.   

And it finally occurred to me recently  to really use up whatever fruit I have around.

I have been thinking of combining the principles of juicing.  80% Vegetables, 20% Fruit to make the vegetables more palatable.  Even if the main vegetable is greens- a big giant handful, then if I want to get fancy I could cut up an organic apple (top of the dirty dozen list) and or pear, or the delicious navel oranges that are around this time of year!  Even just one fruit with dried cranberries is SOOOO good!  If you can get some goat or sheep cheese in there with some pink vinaigrette!   

Published on Aug 16, 2016

Dear Brad Wilcox,

Thank you for your wonderful talk at Zion's Camp. You mentioned wishing you liked salad more, and I know some REALLY delicious salads and wanted to share them with you so you can experience the salad love, and then be healthier so you can be around longer to keep sharing your hysterical wisdom with us!

Some favorite salads:

An Italian orange salad
Oranges, tomato, sun dried tomato, olives, capers, roasted pepper, garlic/spices, vinaigrette. 

Greens/Spinach/Herb mix, pink or balsamic vinaigrette, pine nuts (can sub pecans for cost) green apples, dried cranberries, goat cheese or sheep feta.

Greens/Spinach pink or balsamic vinaigrette, pecans, goat cheese, dried cranberries, can add pear, can put maple in balsamic to sweeten,

I really love The Omnivore's Dilemma and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead as well as Food Inc, which is a very condensed version of The Omnivore's Dilemma. The Omnivore's Dilemma comes in an audio book format. It's long, but with all the traveling you do to speak, I bet you could get the whole thing done on your flight there and back.

I also really encourage you to try organic greens-especially spinach, celery and carrots and see if it doesn't change what you thought carrots and celery were... 

And to get a great salad option while being healthy, when you're at popular "burrito bars" , I explain how to get the most nutrition and health for your $ here

What I love is I can take all that "salad bowl" then come home, put a scoop of it on top of those greens, and that one "meal" will turn into 5 meals! Such value!!!

I'll keep adding some more salads, maybe I'll put it on its own blog post.... but I know you can come to really love it.

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More will be added, but for now- this is a start to hopefully come to love salad!