Gift Yourself! Happiness #QuickTip

I bought some pants.  I bought my favorite pants.  The pants I wear any chance I get.  So the pants you'd see me in out and about in life about 99% of the time in daily life.  The pants that are so comfy, and have pockets deep enough to carry my goodies, even if my mother puts her two cents in saying "you look like you have a GROWTH coming out of your side!"  Due to my phone being non-diminutive.  And in the hot weather, when I need to, I can just roll them into something akin to shorts...but keep the length around for when it gets colder, and the bugs come out.  I can even roll them into being the kind of shorts you wear under your costume at the Hill Cumorah Pageant!!!! Woohoo!!!  And then put them back down without having to change- while still avoiding those bugs and keeping warm in case it gets cold.  This sale only happens rarely- and I wear these day in and day out- so it was time for a refill.  I like to keep the older ones in rotation and then keep a pair or two more pristine for when I need to look more presentable or will be on camera and want them to be in more new condition.   


Now I have often done what I am about to tell you, especially when I buy certain spices.  I believe that may be when I started it.  I was trying to think of why I would have started it with spices and I believe it's because of the space alotted.  Alas I don't think I've shared yet-  I was off pondering about it and haven't yet made the big reveal!   Ok, so when I buy something for myself- if it's easy enough to  "add a gift note"  I like to write myself an encouraging message!   This one only left a bit of room- 3 lines, 30 characters each- so I said something like "Hey Larysa, you're off to a great start, this year will be the year of accomplishing big dreams!"    Amazon I think only allows a small smidge of space- so not enough when I'm really sending to a friend.  When I was donating something to someone in a fire- not enough room to explain why I got her that or why it worked so well, or who I even was haha.  Whereas the spice company leaves sooo much enough- enough for a paragraph even!  Often it's a special little typed out note that comes attached to the order inside.   And SOMETIMES it's even been HAND WRITTEN! I think that's extra cool AND I'm hoping whoever sees those words gets some uplifting enjoyment from it too.    I tended to assume they noticed and realized the order is from Larysa, and the message is TO Larysa.... but who knows maybe not, maybe they just think someone is being nice- but then again how many Larysa's are there around?   EIther way- if they DO notice it's from me, to me, I am hoping they think to themselves, gee that's a nice thing to do for yourself, and we often have not nice self-talk- why not change it to something much more positive???  I don't have to wait for someone else to say nice things! I can say nice things to myself!  Love does not have to come from outside myself!!!! 


So,even with a smaller "playing field" for this one- still did it- and hope to find the "add a gift note" more easily any time I have to get other items.   Can't do that so easily when shopping at the in person stores.... I invite you to try it! And let me know how you feel when you get those notes!  Even with today's fast shipping, you'd be amazed how quickly you forget what you wrote, and how it can come at just the right time when you REALLY need it-  I mean heck you could be in full blown PMS from the time you ordered it to when it comes in hehehe.  Give yourself that gift!!!