Spending a Little Time To Save Even More

Spending a Little Time To Save Even More

Goal:   “Meal Prep” smoothie jars with everything I put in, or at least most, so I can freeze, then dump in the Vitamix with water, juice, herbal tea etc and save a bunch of time in the comatose morning.  


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Things are Not always as they seem


I had seen this picture along time ago and was seriously searching for it again recently as something has come up I believe in regard to dance about how things are so often not as they seem. I think there is more awareness these days that being thin does not mean being fit and or healthy. And someone being thicker up to an extent can actually be much healthier in multiple ways than the person who may look more like they have the body of an emaciated model. Which of course has been revered in our society for some time.


So take a look: what you would see is three people socializing and being happy together, from the outside the effects of their choices may not yet be strongly apparent. But on the inside the smoker has black lungs already, the drinker has issues with her liver, they've got less vitality on the inside. And then the woman eating the vegetables has more color and greater activity in her body. But yet you can't really see the differences on the outside until it's too late. It's gravely important to be making the best choices for your health well you can still do something about it to allow yourself to have a long and physically happy life. 


I think we still have more room to grow in the arena of realizing that just because someone remains thin does not mean their insides are healthy at all. I have so many times witnessed people who just happen to have a fast metabolism eating piles on their plates which have minimally more nutrition than cardboard and cotton candy. It certainly will catch up with them someday but in the meantime they just figure, well if I'm not putting on weight it must be fine. But there is no nourishment, they're not getting the vitamins their body needs, all they are really doing is filling their stomach.

 No I entirely realize that with the way that we have been treating our bodies we often feel the need to have that full feeling because we have the hangry hunger without it.  

I've also come to learn that type of hunger is more likely a sign of blood sugar and balance and is not at all the body signaling that you should be eating more. If anything it is signaling that you should be eating more nutritiously, not that you need more quantity. But those messages get crossed when people don't know what their body is telling them.



If you consume them properly for the purpose of health, the appetite is not something that is constantly nagging at you and can be put back into balance. If you are nourishing your body, the body does not scream at you saying fill me up just so I can be comfortable and or sleepy so that I will take a nap. It can have so much more energy than people realize.

I remember the highschooler that was thin and looked fairly average but she was tired all the time and would have a pop tart perhaps for breakfast and maybe as a snack in the afternoon and either not eat during the day or have very unhealthy choices. And then not have energy to get through sports practice, and then was unable to be on the team after she decided to just not do her homework.  


Kids at the age just do not realize that their bodies are such a gift. If they happen to have aesthetic beauty, it is Lucky but eating whatever one feels like is not a formula for success at keeping that beauty and maintaining health. It will catch up with anyone who decides to eat a common American diet. It may catch up with different people at different times but it will catch up and it can lead to early death, lack of energy, decline in the quality of life and so many possible outcomes.  


It may not seem appealing or easy in the beginning but I can assure you if you set your goals on health and educate yourself on what that means, Your life will be so much more rich and fulfilled. 


I hope to tell you all about diverticulitis sometime as there are so many people who've never heard of it unless they've experienced it… But it is not something you want to experience so it would be wise to do everything possible to prevent it now rather than when it's too late…