Road Glee Continued...


I actually created signs for the car that say "do you follow Jesus this close?"    Originally I thought of designing it with God or the Lord, but the point of the sign was to get people to not ride my bumper, so if they do follow Jesus they know they don't follow him that closely, and if they don't follow Jesus they probably wouldn't want to be that close to His name for their car ride. So it works out either way. And I cannot tell you how many times when I have had it on my car, people will get up close to the bumper, and then back off. Whereas without it they will just ride the bumper endlessly.  I have found this to work for my own car as well as my mother's.  


In the meantime I'm trying to figure out what would work for a hashtag to encourage peaceful driving. I'm not even sure what the opposite of road rage is? Road bliss?  Road peace?  Road Glee?


The thesaurus tells me this






good nature







One thing I do not understand is people riding your tail, when there are four other lanes they could use to get around you, and/or if you're on a Country Road  late at night when no one is around.   If you feel the need to be in such a hurry and on someone's tail, why not just pass them in the passing zone instead of staying inches from their bumper the entire passing zone when you had a mile to pass them.   Sometimes even deciding to pass them long after the passing zone has ended… I wish someone could explain their logic or lack there of.

I think it was Wayne Dyer who said something about when you stop rushing all over the place often you will get there faster. This made little sense to me at the time but it really does fit in with the law of attraction, with everything from hitting all the red lights to having slow people in front of you or anything that could slow you down. I have been astounded the number of times that I just resigned myself to the fact that I cannot teleport, I will probably be late, but better to get there safely in one piece, than never make it at all because I was trying to scrape a few minutes off.  It boggles my mind that the times where I have been relaxed and calm, even when running late, when I actually track the travel time it has been shorter. This is true even when compared to times when I was on time or early but really stressed about the trip or focusing on worrying about the potential to be late. It was as though the universe said "well if you're focusing so much on being late, it must mean you want to be late, I am an ever accommodating universe, trying to be a gracious host and all, so have it you shall." 


That having been said, Unless you are a proctologist, please stay away from my Rear End.