I'ma Max, I Sing GOOD! I'ma Me, I Smell Good!

Well friends, I'm happy to report that I've tried the Arm and Hammer non aluminum deodorant... which was quite cheap around $2....


I must say though I am very sad to see a GIANT wall of deodorant and this was the only non aluminum one I could find.... and I love the smell....and it seems to keep me from smelling....now granted.... I've had it on now probably 8-10 hours....not as fresh as it was earlier but I'm pretty happy with the results.


I know I have seen people carrying deodorant with them and put it on throughout the day. I always felt if it's working, it should work after putting it on once at home and that's it, for both scent and sweat, even if you work out or it's hot or whatever, in my mind deodorant should be able to get you through the day..... but either way, if packing one is what it takes to stay fresh and aluminum free, I'm game! I don't feel any sweat in particular, and I know Dr. Oz says fine for deodorant but we shouldn't using anti antiperspirant anyhow- that's GOOD sweat to be letting out toxins etc....



In case I have been vague= it works! I have a scent now 8-10 hours later, it's not strong nor overly offensive, but if I were in public it'd be time for another dose.


I will say though if I were to be making some kind of appearance or REALLY needed to look professional I think I'd go with conventional.... no matter how hippie dippie I get with my long hair and tie dye.... I find it hard to associate looking "professional" with pit stains.... society has made us associate it with nervousness for job interviews....etc..... I did see Dr. Oz with them, and I recall a speaker with them, but I think the dress was sleeveless, and to me that's not ideally professional anyhow.... I prefer modest anyhow.... and thankfully modest and or a jacket can really help cover that anyway.


SO.... I am just really happy because even though I love perfume and may never be 100% all natural, and still use shampoo and soap etc....those are on very briefly.... whereas deodorant is all day every day so I do think it has some more significance.... just like when eliminating the top 5 food inflamers can seem too overwhelming, just start with ONE-- especially one you can do successfully and consistently..... so it may be a mere 3x4inch times 2 patch of skin..... I think it's worth thinking about.... because most days.... my tie dye shirts won't show the pit stains anyway! I think maybe I need to make this into a blog post.... as has been said about many of my online posts lol