Celery and Carrots and Bananas Oh My!


How do you feel about celery, carrots, and bananas?  Do you have any strong feelings towards them? Do you seek them out?    With the celery and carrots, can you only tolerate them with some kind of dip....maybe some topping?   I bet you haven't tried Organic  Celery and Carrots then.  PLEASE consider trying them!  It might just change your life.  You may not notice the taste difference as much when they are cooked or in soup or something.  But when you eat them raw, and especially plain, you will wonder how something masquerading as the same vegetable could possibly be SO different, and one you like, and one you begrudgingly consider nibbling for nourishment.  


I never liked celery all that much.  Carrots were ok and a good portable snack but nothing I went bananas over.  That is, until I tried the organic versions.  Did you know that organic produce tends to have more vitamins and nourishment!?   When I read The Omnivore's Dilemma, I learned about how it's not just about the outside, the pesticide etc, but the INSIDE is different too!  I notice this ESPECIALLY with Spinach!  Regular baby spinach is rather limp, fairly thin, gets kind of wet and slimy more quickly etc.  Whereas the organic:  It's thick and meaty like leather almost.... and firm and strong, lasts longer, and is just a much more enjoyable texture in the mouth.  I remember in The Omnivore's Dilemma how when they put the fertilizer in the soil, the leaves grow too fast, JUST LIKE when conventional meat chickens are raised, they make them grow SO FAST that their legs can't even hold them up and they just collapse.  Pretty much same deal with the leaf cell walls.  They grow so fast that the aren't strong and can't resist pest.  Dun dun dun, grand irony:   because of the nitrogen, the pests are MORE ATTRACTED to those leaves, which they then can't resist because they didn't have time to build up the resistance and strength in the cell walls!   


I just can't get over how much of a difference in TASTE organic can have.   I never planned on trying organic bananas, but at a colleague's recommendation I figured hey, they really don't cost much more, let's see about this.  They really are so much more enjoyable.  I haven't yet done a side by side test, but that should be on my to do list, certainly.  The texture is different, the taste.... I actually WANT to eat bananas now!  And considering it's such a small increase in price! There's no reason not to!   


I just can't say enough how much I encourage you to try these organic options.  It's not about mysterious "maybe" safety with no noticeable difference.   It's about a difference in the ENJOYMENT and EXPERIENCE!  Even if you have no belief in pesticides being a problem to consume, and or fertilizer....then do it because it's more YUMMY!