Pretty Paint Balls...

I never knew paint balls came in such pretty colors.

What an amazing visual representation of reality… Often when we can't see things we forget that they still have huge effec.

My initial reaction was to call this expressive arts...but I don't know if it quite qualifies... that is unless the artist/director wanted to express how it makes them feel when they are exposed to all that content.  In which case yes I believe that would absolutely qualify, be a wonderful depiction, and hopefully help others understand just what these things do to damage the spirit, whether we stop to acknowledge them or not.  


What I take away:

  1. Protect the ability for the Holy Spirit to be with me.
  2. Protect myself from spiritual, emotional, and mental damage.
  3. Protect my home and those I love from the same, keep everyone mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, whether they recognize the danger or not.