Simmer Down Juice

Yesterday was the first day in about 2 weeks that I woke up feeling alive, refreshed, and not wondering what hit me.  Something has been going on, I have narrowed it down to a few possible culprits, but needless to say I have been waking up feeling like I was hit by a truck.  Not to mention the nightmares, but that's another story.   Anyway, I figured something needed to be cleared out in my system, and maybe inflammation was part of the story,  so I made this.   I knew I had a bunch of parsley I still had to use.  And thankfully was stocked up on lemons.  So....


Into my vitamix went:


About 6 cups of water

2 inch chunk o ginger

A big ol bunch of parsley washed a few times with soap then rinsed

2 granny smith apples

a big ol lemon squeezed with all my might after washing with soap (maybe next time some grated peel, after extra washing)

couple dollops of maple syrup

few drops of stevia


Let it run on high a good 60 seconds at least.... but first just the water and ginger, maybe even 2 minutes.   Then strained that out.  THEN added the rest, and let it go 60 seconds.   I tried drinking it that way and it was ok, but I think I actually preferred the juice strained from all that parsley pulp.  But you better believe I saved it in the freezer and it'll be going into something.  I don't eat baked goods much myself but it'd be a great thickener for soup or stew, maybe chili, and perhaps baked into cookies or brownies or something I bring to potlucks and I don't eat, but make a much healthier version than what they'd get otherwise...and if I make sure not to overdo pushing the health aspect...they don't even know I've boosted their fiber!   


Next time I may add a lime, maybe some pineapple since we have it around...actually I'm hoping to try pineapple and cilantro since I love that combo so much in salsa and love cilantro and lemon or cilantro and lime.  OOOOH!  Cilantro pineapple and lime!  Stay tuned!  Might see how cayenne plays into this...or how that juice goes with the apple cider vinegar.