Dear whoever might find this package in the Stake Center Freezer....    this chili has been prepared for the Hartford YSA Sunday Dinners.  Please do not remove it from the Stake center freezer.  It is being held there until it is used for Sunday Dinner

It is currently March 2016 and I have chili slow cooking in preparation for freezing for future use.  

I will be putting them in a ziplock bag and freezing for times when no one signs up for dinner.  I expect my contact point for this to be Alex Bentley, who hopefully will be in charge of the procurement and heating and whatnot as well as delivery to the Lambsons.

This is vegan-ish chili with spices and flavors made to complement an addition of Hummus or Avocado   but please do not serve with any dairy as that would be a different recipe and ruin the culinary genius lol.   Walmart and Aldis, as well as BJs are sources for Hummus, which is a great improvement from sour cream.  Hummus such as plain, or garlic would work well, as well as roasted red pepper.  or black bean....

Cornbread could be an addition if you so deem fit.  

*** Post production side note-- I just tried a bowl with avocado-- OH MY GOSH so good!   Some people may want to add a bit of salt.  

Instructions for heating-- the sooner the better, as we don't know how long it will take to heat it up.   One option may be to take it out of the freezer on Thursday of institute, have the Lambsons take it home and let it thaw IN THE REFRIGERATOR.  

Putting it in the crockpot on low Sunday morning might be a good idea.   If there is any concern of leaving an appliance on, sometimes it works to have it in the garage or perhaps a basement: somewhere more heat-resistant.  

 My plan for now is to have 8-10 cups of chili in the main bags.  Perhaps I may make additional bags with  half that to be added in case more people show up?  

Post production note: I have since read that service size for chili varies, with an average of 12-14 ounces.... so I wonder if it might make sense to put a bit more in the bags...  they are supposed to be gallon bags but I am really not sure if they will actually hold a gallon.......

 I think ideally we could have a facebook event, or facebook poll on the main page:

Facebook Food headcount: Will you be coming to dinner this Sunday


Hope so, but not sure







Some of the ingredients:


Chili mix/spices



Split Peas


Sweet Peas



Assorted frozen veggies (might have forgotten some above)

Brown Rice


My intentions for the next meal once this crockpot is freed up will probably be vegetable noodle soup..... we'll see how that works out.


And then maybe something Indian....maybe like a curry soup?  hmm I'll have to think about that....


I'm thinking of maybe cilantro lime rice and beans... maybe with vegetables...  keep looking up awesome recipes...


eventually want to look into some tuscan bean soup like I used to have and it was sooooo good!!!!

maybe even some vegan cream of  broccoli type soup....

Maybe split pea soup...they are really great for you!