Compliment Squad

Have you ever heard of the Purdue Compliment Guys?   I have been so excited for FREE COMPLIMENTS for years and years, but sometimes on a busy campus, especially around finals time, it's tough to get a team together.   So this idea was enthusiastically received AND it was noted that there is a mall within a couple blocks of the Stake Center!  SO,...for those who would enjoy a "field trip" the idea here is to go in small groups, and compliment the heck out of people!  Now the compliment guys had to be shooting them out fast as people walked by, so they might be simple and easy to see compliments or encouraging words like "I like your hat, you have beautiful hair, keep up that good nutrition with that apple, sir."  And you can warm up your complimenting engines on the walk over to the mall with people you pass by.   Can you imagine walking by a group of 5 people, and suddenly you have been bombarded by a stream of compliments all telling you how AWEsome you are?   Imagine how long that smile and warm fuzzy feeling will last!  For ALL parties involved!!  If you have the time, you could even give a big concentrated compliment that includes

WHAT are you admiring

WHY is it great


For example:   That shirt is such a great color on you, it accentuates your skin tone beautifully!

Those jeans are some of the coolest I've seen! I've never seen that pattern in fabric before!

You are doing SUCH a great job being friendly and giving great customer service!  You must have the energy of a race horse to be able to do that all day!  You are bringing such joy to your customers!


Once at the location, perhaps a food court might be a good place to wander by unsuspecting and less mobile subjects to send them a plethora of positivity!!!  Sometimes within stores, workers can be tired and feeling a bit down.  I remember a grocery store cashier who seemed particularly lethargic physically, and emotionally, and just in her general countenance.  One of my favorite and most enlightening moments in this realm was that all I did was Say that sticker on her name-tag was really cute.  It wasn't even like some part of HER like her eyes...  just the STICKER on her NAME TAG!!!  And she went from sullen and forlorn, to one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen, beaming away as she enthusiastically said THaaaaaanannkkkk youuuuu!!!!!    It is so simple and easy, and yet MAKES SOMEONE'S DAY!!!    And it helps you work on your social skills in the process too and gaining confidence in going outside your comfort zone!


Additionally, this is very similar to the FREE HUGS campaign.  There even exist shirts that say FREE HUGS so there is no sign needed.  But feel free to scribble up a sign indicating you are available for anyone who might need a hug today, and if you would enjoy doing that, add that to the repertoire of love being given out!


What a perfect weekend, Valentine's weekend, to be spreading so much love in the world!