***Note, at the end of this workshop, I want to hear what you think, and get some video testimonials if you enjoyed and benefited from the program--hopefully you can remind me in case I forget :)  

AWE  Loving While Yet Lacking

Jesus Never said "thou shalt be sexy, to be deserving of love"

What if you could more fully love yourself by making one simple change?  


DO it!

Make the CHOICE that you will LOVE yourself as an ACTION as opposed to some feeling you passively wait for to pass by and tickle you for a moment.

Words matter:  See how significantly below

Do you believe:  God wants us to be happy?     Not liking yourself is a distraction....




LOVE and GRATITUDE for yourself and traits you posses  Recall MEMORIES

10 things for each number is the eventual goal

  • Be specific and state the reason:  not merely "I love my shirt because it covers my arms"  but go bigger " I love the shirt I got with my mom when we went to the Maroon 5 concert because it reminds me of her love and that time we spent together and it was funny when the hot dog fell and we got mustard on our new shirts.

10 Things

  1. You love about your body Ex:  I love my fingers because they play piano and can move across the keyboard so quickly, sometimes I am even surprised they can go that fast.
  2. You can FIND to love about parts of your body that you find hard to love: Ex: Even though my ankles are cankles.... I love that they bend and move and I can dance whenever I want which I love to do and is healthy.  (This one could be even more dramatic:  Ok I made the choice to play with dynamite, as a result I now have a colostomy bag but it's great because I'm never constipated [I'm just assuming here, sorry to anyone who might have one if this is false imagination]    and therefore, I probably won't get hemorrhoids....which is fantastic!  So really, this colostomy bag, which I was so down about previously, is actually helping me a LOT!
  3. Ways you have helped other people  Ex:  One time a little girl had her bicycle basket broken and since I'm the only one in my neighborhood who knows how to weave baskets, I was able to help her and I loved seeing her smile again
  4. Traits you have that are helpful to the world or other people: Ex:   I naturally love to uplift people, so when people are stressed or having a bad day, they can send me in to make them smile, which then makes me smile.
  5. People have said are awesome about your or that you are good at: Ex:  People say oh you're so funny you make me laugh, and that helps their life to be better.  Ex:  People say I make the best apple cake and they are so grateful I know how to bake gluten free because it helps the people who can't eat that and it's a specialized thing!
  6. You have improved on in life.  I used to do this, but now I do this....Ex:  I used to have angry outbursts daily, and now I take a breath first and calm down and so I'm easier to live with
  7. Ways in which you have grown in your relationship with God Ex:  Everytime I go for a walk I make sure to have a chat with God, even if it's just about the weather, it's brought me closer to Him
  8. Habits you have improved on spiritually:  Ex: I read scripture twice as often as I used to, or I remember to pray more often, I pray before most meals and I used to only do that once a week   
  9. You love about your brain, the contents of it, your knowledge, thoughts you had to feel good.  Ex:  I am so glad I know how to mend clothing because A I like to avoid waste, and B there are clothing that I want to keep longer and this way I can make it last longer and save $  
  10. You love about your personality/nature: Ex:  I love animals and love nurturing people, Because of that I've gotten to pet an emu and a peacock in the same day when the rest of the class was afraid to



Challenge:  Can you go 24 hours without complaining?  That includes inside your head as well!


Bonus 10 things:

11. 10 goals you will be so happy to have accomplished that are in your future:  Ex:  I am going to love celebrating 10 years of having a career I love!   I am going to love the bench I built with my dad and sanded down from old barn wood.  It's both comfortable and a great memory of time spent with dad!   


12.  10 reasons God and Jesus already love you  Ex: Because He is perfect....and they are made of pure love, so all they can do is love me, even when I feel like I don't deserve it.


13.  10 reasons your parents and family love you  Ex:  I make them laugh all the time, even at sad or angry times, I find some way of bringing in the giggle.


14.  10 reasons a future spouse would love you  Ex:   I am the master of diaper changes, I don't flinch, I barely even am grossed out by baby poo.... so my lovely wonderful wife will remain with clean hands while I commando it up on diaper patrol.  


If nothing else, remember: 

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