Dislcaimer- LOVE speaking but breaking a vow every time I’m up here

people get  up here and cry, as I’m not about that vowed to never be on the podium- I’ve asked if I could do it from below and project the voice, this was not an option in previous queries   



I’ve been asked to talk about Baptism for the living and the dead



If anyone here has seen the movie Nacho Libre, please manifest it with the uplifted hand


Scene I shall describe for you:

Ignacio/Nacho grew up at a monastery orphanage and was given cooking duty but wants more priestly duties, he and Steven/Esqueleto are going to become professional wrestlers to earn money for the orphanage



Steven Esqueleto eating salad


Nacho comes out of bathroom  you hear the flush  hip pop


I’m a little concerned right now.  About your salvation and stuff

How come you have not been baptized?


     Because I never got around to it OK

    I don’t know why you always have to be judging me, because I only believe in science


Ignacio Nacho has been over at the sink, filling a plastic cake mixing bowl….


But tonight we are going up against satan’s cavemen,(he blesses himself) and I just thought it would be a good idea if you…..




What can we learn from this?   Salvation you say?   

People delaying a saving ordinance?  Do not delay putting off baptism…. where have I heard this before?  Missionaries perhaps?



What do you say to a room of already baptized people?

Purpose to study

Also to get me here

I like it, I like it a lot



1 corinthians 15  

Paul speaks about those who baptize themselves for the dead, and obviously takes for granted that a there were people who did so and he has no complaint about it.



I have 3 rules for interfaith discussion

1 If you’re going to ask the question what do others believe

Ask them, not their critics not their enemies

Because what one religious tradition says about another is usually a breach against the commandment thou shalt not bear false witness

2  if you’re going to compare, do not compare your bests to their worsts, but compare bests to bests.

3  leave room for holy envy,  example  we Lutherans when we lose our loved ones, have funerals, cemeteries, but that ends our concern with those who have gone before, the latter day saints care about their forebears to the point that they want to bring the blessings of christ’s atonement, so they build temples, and according to pauls instructions in 1st Corinthians they perform baptisms for the dead,   he smiled and said I have holy envy for that.


Christ goes and opens the lock on the prison door for the dead

How can you do that, vicarious work-  Christ’s whole ministry was vicarious,  atonement vicarious, he did it for and behalf of all who have ever lived,  acting for and behalf of every human soul,  vicarious work a standard as legitimate and sound as can be


Covenant  commitment, can’t be thrown off when it’s not convenient.




Bolman deal




Sloth drip dry?