Relax and Rejuvenate!

Larysa will be visiting convention goers this weekend and will be available for Aromatouch technique- a clinical application of essential oils to the back and hands which most people find to be very relaxing and restorative.

She can also provide a free wellness consult if you would like to explore natural ways of supporting your physical and emotional health.  Her graduate work is in Holistic Counseling, Holistic Leadership, Expressive Arts and Mental Health, and part of her New Year's Resolutions are to be of service and help people to a healthier, happier life!


She is also available for Aromatouch Hand Massage if you find yourself wanting to take a short break and relax your cramped up painting hands.   


Larysa hopes to catch up with old friends and make some new ones this year!  



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To Prepare yourself for Aromatouch Technique Session- keep a few things in mind.  In an ideal situation- you would be freshly showered and hands washed immediately before application- this way the oils can penetrate your skin more effectively and you can keep the oils on your back for a longer period of time, thus maximizing therapeutic benefit.  Depending where we are set up- I ask that you bring some sort of zip up jacket or even a bathrobe could work.  This way you can have the "back" part of it on your front, to be able to walk around modestly and leave your back available for Aromatouch- and the sleeves can help you stay warm while you receive Aromatouch.  Even a button down shirt could work for this purpose, to put it on "backwards" to accomplish this purpose.  You will be laying face down on a brand new massage table bought JUST for this event!  It would be best to have hair up such as in a ponytail or bun on the TOP of the head to access the NECK and EARS.  If possible, removing earrings would make the auricular stress reduction portion go more smoothly.  


To prepare for a Wellness Consult- come with your top 3-5 health concerns in mind for yourself and your family or loved ones.  


To prepare for Aromatouch hand massage- have freshly thoroughly washed hands (spend extra time washing like when they recommend singing "Happy Birthday" while washing to be thorough.