Larysa, Happiness Archaeologist, from North-East Connecticut, believes that we have happiness within us, that gets buried from life stressors, and she desires to help people Excavate it back to the surface using Gratitude, Love, and Purity.  Her undergraduate studies are in Theater, Vocal Performance, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Dance.  Her graduate work is in Holistic Leadership Holistic Counseling, Expressive Arts and Mental Health.  She believes in prevention and emotional fitness and strengthening.


Her life’s dream has always been public speaking, but of course school career counselors would say “I have no idea how to help you with that!  I have never known anyone who did that!”   So it’s only now that she’s gotten a clearer handle on how to go about that.   She LOVES Toastmasters and considers it her playground.  She Completed her CC within a month, and has been working through the advanced manuals since.  Her favorite moments in life are making people laugh, making people think, and she is most gratified in hearing “wow I never thought about it like that, gee that really helped!”  Or simply “ha ha HAAAAA HAHAHAHAH!!!!”