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Testimonial for Larysa's Workshop Happiness Archaeologist   

Health and Wellness! 

Larysa is waiting for YOU to sign up for a FREE class- you can get your friends together, host it at your apartment, or for your on campus club, or fraternity/sorority, sports team etc!  Larysa can customize your class for the needs of your audience.  As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach Larysa has had success in helping students prepare more effectively for their public speaking presentations and get a good night's sleep before their big day.

  She has customized classes for Dancers and Sports Enthusiasts for their physical needs. 

Act now to reserve your free class!

Larysa  can also provide a free wellness consult if you would like to explore natural ways of supporting your physical and emotional health.  Her graduate work is in Holistic Counseling, Holistic Leadership, Expressive Arts and Mental Health, and part of her New Year's Resolutions are to be of service and help people to a healthier, happier life!